The database collected 1,263 soybean RNA-seq datasets and 333 sRNA-seq datasets from the GEO database of NCBI. These data contain different soybean varieties, different tissues, different treatments and different developmental stages. The following information file contains these details, which can be downloaded.

The download part is divided into six parts:

The first part is the general data information, detailed records of the data source, data type, tissues, treatments and methods.

The second part is the tissue information, which provides the corresponding samples of each tissue and the number of samples.

The third part is the differential expression information, which provides 96 groups of differential expression analysis data of RNA-seq and 9 groups of differential expression analysis data of sRNA-seq. The corresponding samples and treatments information can be downloaded.

The fourth part is the co-expression sample information, including two categories. One is a total of 141 RNA-seq and sRNA-seq libraries from the same experiment. The other is 21 representative samples selected from the former after removing samples with duplicate tissues or treatment conditions. This information included the correspondence between RNA-seq and sRNA-seq samples, as well as tissue, data type, and treatment information.

The fifth part is tissue-specific expression information, the ncRNAs and genes with maximum expression greater than 5 and tau greater than 0.8 in all tissues.

The sixth part is differential expression information, the ncRNAs and genes with log2(foldChange) greater than or equal to 1 or less than or equal to -1, FDR(adjusted p-value) less than or equal to 0.05.

Data Information RNA-seq data information.txt sRNA-seq data information.txt
Tissue Sample Information RNA-seq tissue sample information.txt sRNA-seq tissue sample information.txt
Differential Sample Information RNA-seq differential sample information.txt sRNA-seq differential sample information.txt
Co-expression Sample Information Co-expression 141 samples information.txt Co-expression 21 samples information.txt
Tissue-specifically Expressed NcRNAs Information Tissue-specifically expressed genes information.txt Tissue-specifically expressed sRNAs information.txt
Differential Expression Information Differential expression genes information.txt Differential expression sRNAs information.txt