This database provide the degradome-based verified interactions between miRNAs and their targets.

Function Help


Users can query the predicted or verified MTIs by giving the names or IDs of interested miRNAs or targets.


Users can view the MTIs by sorted plant miRNA names.


Users can locate the interested or homologous miRNAs or targets by uploading supplied sequences.


Users can build miRNA/target-specific networks by choosing a specific miRNA or target and build degradome-specific networks by choosing a specific degradome.


If you make use of the data presented here, please cite the following article:

Yuhan Fei, Rui Wang, Haoyuan Li, Shu Liu, Hongsheng Zhang, Ji Huang, "DPMIND: Degradome-based Plant MiRNA-Target Interaction and Network Database", Bioinformatics, 2018 May 1; 34(9):1618-1620.  DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btx824

Update news

2016.7.28 DPMIND-0.1 Organize the Backend Database;

2016.9.28 DPMIND-0.2 Build the User Interface;

2017.1.10 DPMIND-1.0 Test and Maintain the DPMIND;

2017.11.1 DPMIND-1.1 Add Species into the DPMIND;

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